“It better be a good sermon”: Preaching on special occasions

Adrian Lane, Lecturer in Ministry Skills and Church History, Ridley College.

In any sermon, preachers are under pressure: pressure from their own expectations of competence and fruitfulness; pressure from the congregation to say something worthwhile, worthy of their stipend; pressure from their family, lest they cause embarrassment; pressure from colleagues, mentors and bishops: to be faithful to their calling and training; and pressure from God: knowing the gravity of their ministry, that teachers “will be judged more strictly” (Jas 3:1).

See the full article (PDF): Preaching on special occasions

The article was recently published in the book Better Be A Good Sermon: Preaching for Special Occasions and Contexts (Acorn 2011). This collection of articles and related sermons is available from the publisher, Acorn Press, and the Simeon Association, Brisbane for $29.99.

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